Kate White, who grew up in Las Vegas, is a community driven enthusiast. After graduating from Chaparral High School, she took advantage of the Millennium Scholarship and attended the University of Nevada, Reno. She graduated with honors with a B.S. in Business Administration with a focus on Information Technology.
After college Kate returned to Las Vegas with career ambitions in E-commerce, a new and exciting industry. She began working for Vegas.com and spent the next 10 years helping the business grow around data-driven decisions. Having an appreciation for her hometown and an acumen for strategy, she grew into a Director of Business Intelligence role working with the latest technologies and leading companies like Google. Kate later moved on to work in another local industry, gaming. She now operates the Business Intelligence team for a regional gaming company called Pinnacle Entertainment.
While working on her career, Kate was also continuously trying to find ways to help in the community. She was an avid volunteer for many different organizations. In 2007, she started helping friends plan and execute a small event called the Las Vegas Prom Closet (LVPC). Later she went on to lead the organization from 2009-2015. During that time, the event grew from assisting just a few students in the community to hundreds each year. In 2014, Kate and the LVPC team joined forces with Zappos & The Downtown Project to run the largest Prom Closet event in history. The success was immediate and it became evident there was a need to expand the event in a way that would require a new support structure and management. The LVPC was then bequeathed to Project 150 and continues on as one of the organization’s major student events each year, in conjunction with support from Zappos.
Along with her commitment to the community and her career, Kate also raises an autistic son and enjoys traveling as much as possible. She’s extremely honored to be part of this great organization and looks forward to making real change in our local community.

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