The number of homeless students is steadily increasing in today’s schools.  Homeless youth, like any population, have particular needs when it comes to academic and emotional assistance.  These students can lack basic needs and social skills, and often have low levels of academic achievement. Consequently, it is essential that educators and advocates ensure that these students receive necessary supports in school.  Some typical supplies our local homeless, displaced and disadvantaged high school students request for back to school and throughout the school year.

1239498_717522898261932_94319254_nSchool Supplies
• 1″ View Binders
• Dividers
• College Ruled Filler Paper
• Report Covers
• Pocket Folders
• 1 Subject College Ruled Notebooks
• 3 Subject College Ruled Notebooks
• 5 Subject College Ruled Notebooks
• Highlighters
• #2 Pencils
• Erasers
• Pencil Sharpeners
• Black Ink Pens
• Pencil Zipper Bag
• Regular Calculators
• Scientific, Texas Instrument Calculators

Misc Items:

Hygiene Items & Toiletries
Bus Passes
HARMONY_LOGOYou can drop off your items at any of the Harmony Homes Sales office around Las Vegas. Click the link below to see a location near you.

Harmony Homes Sales Offices Dropoff Locations

150logoProject 150 Volunteer Center

6211 Dean Martin Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89118

Mon – Fri 9am to 5pm